“if i could, unless we” A NIGHTWALK

“if I could, unless we”

A Nightwalk through Manifattura Tabacchi

Installation curated by Linda Loppa during Pitti Uomo in Florence:

a conversation with the Pitti Immagine concept bringing the city closer to the new premises of the Manifattura Tabacchi project

Monday June 10, invite only (press preview & guest), from 21:30 to 00:00

Tuesday June 11, Wednesday June 12, Thursday June 13, Friday June 14, from 21:30 to 00:00 Manifattura Tabacchi, Via delle Cascine 33, 50144 Florence


“if I could, unless we”

A Nightwalk through Manifattura Tabacchi

curated by Linda Loppa 

a project by Manifattura Tabacchi

exhibition set-up and production by Made in Manifattura Collective

“If I could, unless we” is not an exhibition, Manifattura Tabacchi is not a museum.

Me, we, ours, those are the words we want to share with you. By inviting you to Manifattura Tabacchi we come together in several fashion/art/sound/seeing/looking moments. We embrace time. Conditional sentences are talking about general truths, scientific facts, or things which always happen under certain conditions. (Learn English on-line.) By our conditional talks we can try to find out what spaces are and what fashion could or should be, if. By speaking and looking, we can create emotions to share; if not. Unless we are open minded and we think differently. Thanks to our “imaginary” or “immaginario“ we can invent the future; therefore we don’t look back. We will walk and talk together or alone. We will step in the world of another and dream together. In this walk we will avoid the clichés of fashion; no mannequins, no catwalk, no timeline, no storyboard; we walk. Seven designers/artists are offering to share their vision on fashion and not only, while walking through the untouched raw spaces of Manifattura Tabacchi. Manifattura Tabacchi is the driver to challenge our visions; we can do better, we must. Linda Loppa


Bart Hess / Lara Torres / Armando Chant / Moses Hamborg / Bernhard Willhelm / Clemens Thornquist / Senjan Jansen

June is going to be an important month as we are opening up new temporary spaces to the public. As the works proceed at Manifattura Tabacchi, we are able to offer the city an even greater programme of initiatives dedicated to creativity and culture. The exhibition curated by Linda Loppa is part of a project designed for Pitti Uomo: we were immediately taken by the idea of a night walk, which evokes a different, reflective dimension, on the line between fashion and art. It is a route which takes in multidisciplinary installations, all created by an extraordinary group of people who have worked tirelessly to bring life to the different parts of the former factory. We were always interested in contributing to this important event and we hope that we have succeeded in putting on a show that expresses the spirit of experimentation that is such a part of the Manifattura project and its vocation for the contemporary.

Michelangelo Giombini, Manifattura Tabacchi – Head of Product Development, May 2019

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A HAPPY 2019!!!


More Friendship, more Culture, more Identity, more Empathy; less Hate, less Chaos, less Aggressive Behaviour, less Brexit!

all the best for all of you,




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SPRING 2019!



Who can describe fashion weeks more profoundly and intelligently than the masterful Tim Blanks? No-one − for he is the absolute genius analysing, putting in context and describing what was going on for spring 2019 this September in New York, London, Milan and Paris. As I cannot compete with Tim Blanks, I will try to give my humble comments. Dressing-up however we want and however we like might be the only freedom left to us in this new society; bodies and minds are globally different and we will continue to make the choices for dressing-up or dressing-down. Political influences, the #MeToo movement and gender freedom apart, we dress, we shop, we like, we dislike fashion. In this hybrid post-modern society, let’s search together for the “Modern” in it!

Starting off with the New York fashion week in mid-September, press, critics and fashion lovers could witness the variety of styles fashion was going to offer. Focused on diversity, New York fashion week was not really about content but more about freedom of expression. And what freedom there was! Diversity in gender, race, styles, colours, models, sizes and front-row stars. Families were on the stage as well as friends, children and finally the models. This created a chaotic moment where fashion was subordinated to the wild expression of anything that could be called design based on tailoring. Even Calvin Klein was disappointing and I felt as if Raf Simons and Pieter had missed a season; we wanted fresh summer spring details and we were given heavy blazers, skirts missing pieces because of a shark bite and no coherent ideas, all mixed together in a repetitive way that lacked impact. Too many references made the collection look like the work of a recent fashion graduate. Raf Simons can do better…

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Belgian Pavillion, Venice Architecture Biennale – EUROTOPIE


Eurotopie, the selected project by the Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles in collaboration with Wallonie-Bruxelles International for the belgian representation in the Belgian Pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, is a project for Europe.

Brussels is where Europe has, for several decades, been taking place. Beyond a shared space, the existence of the European Quarter in Brussels is a survival requirement both for Europe and for Brussels. Although the European Quarter can be considered as the spatial expression of the European political system, it is, for reasons such as history, morphology, finance and security, impervious to citizen empowerment. By accepting the role of hostess of the common venture called Europe, Brussels has de facto accepted the responsibility for its spatial anchorage. Eurotopie therefore offers to create the European Quarter’s lacking civic space within the Belgian Pavilion itself, and thus to entice visitors to ponder, discuss, debate and, ultimately, to commit to constructing Europe.

Go and visit and follow the group of Belgian architects!

Not to miss!


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