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SPRING 2019!



Who can describe fashion weeks more profoundly and intelligently than the masterful Tim Blanks? No-one − for he is the absolute genius analysing, putting in context and describing what was going on for spring 2019 this September in New York, London, Milan and Paris. As I cannot compete with Tim Blanks, I will try to give my humble comments. Dressing-up however we want and however we like might be the only freedom left to us in this new society; bodies and minds are globally different and we will continue to make the choices for dressing-up or dressing-down. Political influences, the #MeToo movement and gender freedom apart, we dress, we shop, we like, we dislike fashion. In this hybrid post-modern society, let’s search together for the “Modern” in it!

Starting off with the New York fashion week in mid-September, press, critics and fashion lovers could witness the variety of styles fashion was going to offer. Focused on diversity, New York fashion week was not really about content but more about freedom of expression. And what freedom there was! Diversity in gender, race, styles, colours, models, sizes and front-row stars. Families were on the stage as well as friends, children and finally the models. This created a chaotic moment where fashion was subordinated to the wild expression of anything that could be called design based on tailoring. Even Calvin Klein was disappointing and I felt as if Raf Simons and Pieter had missed a season; we wanted fresh summer spring details and we were given heavy blazers, skirts missing pieces because of a shark bite and no coherent ideas, all mixed together in a repetitive way that lacked impact. Too many references made the collection look like the work of a recent fashion graduate. Raf Simons can do better…

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Belgian Pavillion, Venice Architecture Biennale – EUROTOPIE


Eurotopie, the selected project by the Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles in collaboration with Wallonie-Bruxelles International for the belgian representation in the Belgian Pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, is a project for Europe.

Brussels is where Europe has, for several decades, been taking place. Beyond a shared space, the existence of the European Quarter in Brussels is a survival requirement both for Europe and for Brussels. Although the European Quarter can be considered as the spatial expression of the European political system, it is, for reasons such as history, morphology, finance and security, impervious to citizen empowerment. By accepting the role of hostess of the common venture called Europe, Brussels has de facto accepted the responsibility for its spatial anchorage. Eurotopie therefore offers to create the European Quarter’s lacking civic space within the Belgian Pavilion itself, and thus to entice visitors to ponder, discuss, debate and, ultimately, to commit to constructing Europe.

Go and visit and follow the group of Belgian architects!

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MY SPEECH – JULY 18, 2018

Thank you, and good afternoon to all of you…

First, I would like to thank the University of the Arts, its Vice Chancellor, and Chairman and the London College of Fashion.

My thanks especially to Frances Corner, for her willingness to share her immense knowledge, strong leadership, integrity and her friendship.

It’s a tremendous honour to stand here in this prestigious gown / dress (code).

And I am truly honoured to address all of you who are graduating today.


Dear graduates,

I feel fragile today; it’s quite daunting to look back at all the projects I have been part of or created in my life; it is daunting because I rarely look back.

Its tomorrow that makes a life worthwhile, that makes a career interesting, stimulating; it’s the challenge of adding another layer to what you know or what you have contributed so far in your career, in life − to your personal awareness, your understanding of what fashion is or should be. All those emotions are interwoven because life is fashion and work is life. We need to be curious, we need to be fast, we need to be intrigued, we need to have a vision.

In this new constellation that we have been inhabiting for a few decades now, thanks to the internet, we are constantly up-dated; this new status can be positive, if we can add a new vision, a new opinion, a new design, a new strategy based on knowledge and experience.

As individuals, we must have an opinion, as a group we can achieve dreams; fashion is team work and we need each other. This is the most beautiful dimension that fashion can give you; it’s not the dress, it’s not the success −it’s the community you are going to create, in all its diversity! It’s the friendship you will build with people from all over the world, working in many different creative industries.

Dream and work, enjoy and suffer, act and react; every day will be a challenge, every hour a decision to take, every minute an encounter or an idea to develop; give them all a chance. Enjoy life, enjoy fashion!

Congratulations and good luck to all of you!

Linda Loppa

London, July 18, 2018



This article was found by Aurora Fiorentina in the Polimoda library! read it…

photographe by Patrick Robijn.

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Curating…A VORTEX

The word “Curating” might be perceived today as a Fashionable concept. To “curate” means to take care of, mostly of an object, or an idea, a vision or a dream. From a tangible object, a coat, a shoe, or a painting, we can transform the idea of curating to a never forgetting experience; space, light, sound, are adding dimensions in witch the viewer will be attracted by the object in order to reflect its meaning, its significance in the history of mankind, its context or influence in the way we perceive creative phenomenon’s and explosions of creativity and craft.

Today “Time” has a very different meaning than a few decades, even years ago; we are living “time” as a “Vortex” bringing together the “past “ and “future”. Today we are living simultaneously in the virtual and in the humanised world; The Vortex bring both experiences together in a new way of thinking, speaking, dreaming, working, curating.

If we think of “curating” an object we immediately think about “Space”. First the Museum space as the most natural environment for a precious object, discovered in the archives of a famous museum. The object, of a great historical value, cannot be exposed to heavy light, needs certain humidity, and cannot be touched. We have regulations made by ICOM, the International Counsel of Museums. (ICOM’s standards and guidelines supply models to museum professionals in order to facilitate the implementation of their good practices in terms of objects acquisition, personnel, conservation of art objects and museum specialism. These standards and guidelines are elaborated by ICOM’s International Committee experts and are recognised by the Executive Council.)

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GIUNIA GUERRERA Sentimental Materialism

A jury of influential contemporary fashion figures looked on, reviewed the collections and cast their votes. Headed by Steven Kolb, President and CEO of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, the jury was composed of actor and designer Waris Ahluwalia (House of Waris), Diet Prada founders Tony Liu & Lindsey Schuyler,

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