The frontier between the act of creating and the act of selling is not well defined. Confusion often starts with a societal shift. Over-consumption leads to over-acting and over-acting to over-designing or over-selling. This phenomenon leads to fast ideas, fast acquisitions and immediate indigestion. Stop mediocrity! Research and motivate emotional consumerism! Summer is sold in winter, haute couture is modern and designs everyday wear, men’s wear is the new women’s wear, and pre-collections are selling more than the show collections. Designers are not the stars of the project or of the idea, brand managers, production managers, communication managers, event managers, retail and shop managers are just as important. Maybe we don’t need the designers anymore. The discussion is open…the designer has no time to design and therefore has no ideas. Menswear, women’s wear, special projects, haute couture and pre-collections are designed in a few weeks. Managers come and go, designers come and go; they have nervous breakdowns, or go on to be paid more in the next company, or take a sabbatical to think…if there is time to think. What is there to think about? Will the speed of our everyday consumer society ever be ready to slow down? No, is the answer. We cannot turn back the clock. And it is better like that. Time is relative and after all we can decide not to buy a garment for a month or two. Do we do so? No.

Fathers are the mothers of today; they feed their three-week-old babies waiting for a flight at the airport or visiting a city to see its attractions. There is no time to relax and the baby is smiling. He will get used to the travelling because he is to become the global citizen of today, a citizen living and working for a few years in Shanghai, Rome, New York or Adelaide…the globe is a new challenge because we are connected with so many people and friends. We want to know them better or at least try to understand their culture or language. They will speak at least ten or fifteen languages because already I speak four. Confusion is chaos and chaos means a new beginning.

For a new beginning we need to redefine our values, or needs, or internal driving force. We cannot rely on others to show us the path. We can find values in education and in our sensei, but the truth lies in ourselves whatever our age and origins, whatever the language, the religion or the ambition we have in our job, in our marriage, in our way of life or style of dress. Political situations are creating wars; the human being seems not to learn from the past because we continue to kill each other for a piece of land or a religious conviction. We are confused because there is freedom and freedom is scary.

But let’s be positive…we live in a very exciting world; we can write and speak to each other anywhere thanks to the Internet and we can become better informed, and if we use this information well we become richer in mind and thought. Creativity and the spread of creativity will be in the water we drink and the food we eat, the blogs we read or the implant we have in our arm or just the ink of the tattoo. The barometer of success will be redefined and the creative idea will be analysed by all the parameters of success even before being born. There will be no failure or error, there will be no unreasonable action or trauma and the world will become a new world. We can buy it all, whether it is an object or an idea, because we live in a world of consumption.

During the Renaissance, artists worked for their master or Maecenas, not searching for personal aggrandisement! Are fashion designers working in the spirit of the Renaissance? Is the ‘Maecenas’ more important than the artist? If that is the case, designers are less important than the product they make. The cult of the genius or star is fading away – gone. It was quite romantic to think about the designer as a genius, a dreamer who gives us a dream and through wearing his clothes we too can become sublime. Identification with the artist or the idea behind his work of art or his expression of the idea is absolute, and wearing designer garments means identification with his tribe. If we lose this dream do we become anonymous? Are we obliged to have a greater, a stronger, identity in order to be recognized? What is the substitute for the fetish object they offered to us?