Linda Loppa Art Director / Curator / Opinion Leader / Fashion Critic
Address: 8, rue Eugene Labiche
75116 – Paris – France

45+years’ fashion industry experience / private and public sectors
25 years directing the fashion department Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts
25+ years teaching fashion design
20 years retail experience and store ownership
10 years management at Flanders Fashion Institute
8 years as Director & Curator of the Fashion Museum Antwerp
9 years as Director of Polimoda International Institute Fashion Design & Marketing
from Jan 2016:
Polimoda ‘Adviser Strategy & Vision’ Platform, Paris
Art Director & Curator for Linda Loppa Factory based in Paris

  • Noted achievements:
    • Nominated by Time Magazine as one of the 25 most influential people in fashion worldwide.
    • 2013 – 2014 Nominated as “Catalyst” in the Business of Fashion listing, The “BoF” 500 most
    important people in Fashion
    • 2015 Added to The Business of Fashion ‘Hall of Fame’; the top 58 most influential people in the
    • On the panel of ‘International experts’ for the LVMH Prize Young Fashion Designer, Paris, 2014 &
    • Condé Nast Traveller June 2015: Visionary of Antwerp.
    • Jury and consultant for ‘Woolmark Menswear Designer final Prize – Florence – Italy January 2016
  • Lecturer

Work experience:
1971-1973: Designer for a Belgian raincoat company Bartson’s, responsible German and French
markets. Experience in fabric fairs, marketing research.

1974-1975: Sales for Joe Sleeckx multi label shop for Italian and French avant-garde designers.

1975-1978: Buyer for father’s menswear store. Travelling to Milan and Florence. Collections:
Ermenegilde Zegna, Corneliani, Ruffo, Allegri, Sicons, etc.

1978-1991: Opened “Loppa” womenswear store introducing Italian avant-garde designers in Antwerp such as Gianni Versace and Genny, Dolce and Gabbana and later French avant-garde such as Claude Montana, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Comme des Garçons.

1981-2006: Professor Fashion Design, Antwerp Fashion Department. Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

1983-1991: Jury Member for “The Golden Spindle”, an international contest organised by a Belgian
institute, I.T.C.B. to promote creativity in Belgium, introducing the city of Antwerp and Antwerp Fashion to the international press.

1987-1991: Opened second womenswear and menswear store in Antwerp city centre.
Collections: Romeo Gigli, Callaghan, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Helmut Lang, Comme des Garçons.

1991: The golf-war in Kuwait and the difficult economic situation, as well as the change in
fashion with upcoming Belgian Fashion designers, facilitated the decision to sell the business.

1992-1997: Worldwide distributor for Dries Van Noten, assisting Christine Mathys. Market research in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, New York, U.K., France, Italy, etc.

1993: “Antwerp “Cultural Capital of Europe 1993”. Exhibition curator for Antwerp fashion at
St.Felix Warehouse. The exhibition received 30.000 visitors (April 16th – August 30th).
Invited fashion institutes and designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier to Antwerp.

1995: The fashion department of the Antwerp Academy reached a renowned international
level. Many graduate designers work for famous international fashion houses. The annual fashion
show in June, which started on a small scale in the gardens of the Academy in 1963, became an
important event in the Antwerp neo-gothic trade fair, attracting 6.000+ spectators.

1996: Due to the reorganisation of the “Antwerp High School” some teaching colleagues were
dismissed. A press conference was organised to expose the critical state of the premises, together with
the lack of basic equipment and professors needed for the Fashion Department. A cry for help was
answered with the move to a brand new location in the Kammenstraat area, with a newly motivated

1996: Founding of “vzw Mode Antwerpen” institute. The growing International success of the
Antwerp Fashion Designers and the Antwerp Fashion Department, the lack of support of the Ministry of Educational Affairs and the approach of “Strategisch Plan Antwerpen” was the motivation behind
founding an Institute to promote and support Fashion in Antwerp.
“vzw Mode Antwerpen”. (Flanders Fashion Institute) founders: Linda Loppa, Geert Bruloot, Patrick De Muynck. Wivina Demeester President, Minister of Economic Affairs Flemish Government.

1997: “vzw Mode Antwerpen” received the title of “Flemish Cultural Ambassador of Flanders
1997” and the amount of €25.000 from the Flemish Community. “vzw Mode Antwerpen” changes its
name to “Flanders Fashion Institute”.
Lectures in Japan – Kobe Fashion Museum Tokyo – Bunka College.
The City of Antwerp dedicate the ‘ModeNatie’ building to Flanders Fashion Institute in order to host a
museum, the Fashion Department of the Academy, the ‘Flanders Fashion Institute’, a library, a café
and a bookstore.

1998: Flanders Fashion Institute opens offices in Eiermarkt 13 – 2000 Antwerp.
Linda Loppa nominated by the Chamber of Commerce Antwerp “Voka” as “Prominent Citizen of
Antwerp”. In October 1998 nominated Director Fashion Museum “MoMu” – Province of Antwerp.
Exhibition “Vitrine”, a walk through the city along installations of fashion designers, was organised for
the first time. “Vitrine” ran from 1998 till 2005.

1999: Reorganisation of the existing Museum “Textielmuseum Vrieselhof”. Designing new
premises of ‘ModeNatie’ with architect Josee Van Hee.
First exhibition: Curating “Geometry” from September to October. An exhibition on geometrical forms in garments through cultures and centuries, located in 7 different locations in the city of Antwerp.

2000: Construction of ModeNatie building begins (11.000m²). Co-Curated “lAnded/gelAnd”, an
exhibition on fashion curated by Walter Van Beirendonck. Curator for the exhibition “Chanel”.

2001: Project “lAnded/gelAnd” with Walter Van Beirendonck in Antwerp ran from May till
August. In 2001 projects included:
Managing Flanders Fashion Institute (FFI)
Managing the Academy Fashion Department
Managing MoMu
Construction of ModeNatie building with architect Marie-José Van Hee.

2002: Rewarded a medal by the Flemish Government and Flemish Parliament. September 21
official opening of the MoMu – Fashion Museum – Province of Antwerp.
Opening exhibition: “Backstage” curated by Bob Verhelst.
Nominated by Time Magazine as one of the 25 most influential people in fashion in the world.

2003: Held various conferences and lectures in N.Y., France, Italy.
Awarded as “best constructor of the year’ for the ModeNatie building.
Directing and curating different MoMu exhibitions: April: Patronen/Patterns
September: GenovanversaeviceversA – Europalia Italy curated by Angelo Figus.

2004: Directing and curating different exhibitions of the museum:
May: “Goddess”
September: “Malign Muses: When fashion turns back” curated by Judith Clark, London.
Lecture at the ‘Ecole du Louvre’ in Paris
Writing text on talent, published by Gerd Bulthaup – Perspectives on Style
Visit to Thailand: ‘Bangkok Fashion City’
Project Weston – Louis Vuitton and IFF: students of the Academy Fashion Department
Visit to Moscow to promote Flemish Fashion Designers and visit the archives of the State Historical
Preparation of the new course “Fashion-Management” organised by UAMS Antwerp (university).

2005: Visits to Florence Pitti Immagine (Jan – July).
Debate in Hyères: ‘Formation et Emploie’ (May).
Jury participation for Fashion Department Vienna (June)
Visit to Kanazawa Japan: Invited by the Mayor of Kanazawa. (July)
Visit to Bilbao: Invited by the Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao.
Visit to St. Petersburg: Visiting the Archives of Russian Ethnografic Museum.
Lecture in the University Gent: “the Leopards Spot”: the relation between Art and Fashion.

2006: Re-organisation of the Flanders Fashion Institute. Implementation of the McKinsey study
started June 2005. (Finance and Management)
New President of FFI arrived June 2006: Walter Van Pottelberge (Vice-president of the Chamber of
commerce – Antwerp). New manager: Edith Vervliet: starts August 16 2006.

2007-2015 January 2007 appointed Dean of Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design and
Marketing – Florence, Italy
Lectures in New York, Istanbul, Osaka, Tokyo, Florence, Paris, London, Barcelona etc.
Re-organisation & development of the Polimoda syllabus, image and overall structure.
Event management, Fashion Week management.
Published editorials and articles for many leading magazines, online platforms, blogs. Noted opinion leader.
Editor of online magazine
Website management and redevelopment for &
Nominated as “Catalyst” in the Business of Fashion “BoF” 500 most important people in Fashion. In
2015 Added to The Business of Fashion ‘Hall of Fame’; the top 58 most influential people in the

Curator and organiser of the 2015 IFFTI conference in Florence, Italy, May 2015 – MOMENTING THE MEMENTO
2016: ‘Adviser Strategy & Vision’ for Polimoda Institute, Florence Italy based in Paris

2016: founded Linda Loppa Factory – a studio promoting art, culture and education.
based in: 8, rue Eugene Labiche – 75116 Paris – France

1963-1965: Latin-Greek
1966-1968: Artistic Humanities at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp.
1968-1971: Fashion Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts- Antwerp

Linda Loppa
January 2016