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INSTALLATION SENJAN – Manifattura Tabacchi

Senjan Jansen is a composer, sound director, and designer as well as music producer who collaborates with various artists in the world of film, high fashion, theatre, and visual arts. Following a degree in filmmaking, he started composing music and designing sound for international films and television projects. He crossed over to extend his activities to fashion when Haider Ackermann asked him to produce the soundscape for his show in Paris. Jansen enables his soundscapes to manipulate, surprise, disguise, and to captivate. He creatively conceives a tension which comes to life through sound in one narration as he records and composes intimate musical soundscapes and auditory environments which echo an artist’s vision and the visual narrative. In 2017 he joined forces with visual artist Laure Prouvost on They Are Waiting For You (Walker Art Center) and Ring Sing And Drink for Trespassing (Palais de Tokyo).




Curating…A VORTEX

The word “Curating” might be perceived today as a Fashionable concept. To “curate” means to take care of, mostly of an object, or an idea, a vision or a dream. From a tangible object, a coat, a shoe, or a painting, we can transform the idea of curating to a never forgetting experience; space, light, sound, are adding dimensions in witch the viewer will be attracted by the object in order to reflect its meaning, its significance in the history of mankind, its context or influence in the way we perceive creative phenomenon’s and explosions of creativity and craft.

Today “Time” has a very different meaning than a few decades, even years ago; we are living “time” as a “Vortex” bringing together the “past “ and “future”. Today we are living simultaneously in the virtual and in the humanised world; The Vortex bring both experiences together in a new way of thinking, speaking, dreaming, working, curating.

If we think of “curating” an object we immediately think about “Space”. First the Museum space as the most natural environment for a precious object, discovered in the archives of a famous museum. The object, of a great historical value, cannot be exposed to heavy light, needs certain humidity, and cannot be touched. We have regulations made by ICOM, the International Counsel of Museums. (ICOM’s standards and guidelines supply models to museum professionals in order to facilitate the implementation of their good practices in terms of objects acquisition, personnel, conservation of art objects and museum specialism. These standards and guidelines are elaborated by ICOM’s International Committee experts and are recognised by the Executive Council.)


Fashion only moves forward

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