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BoF Exclusive | Does Azzedine Alaïa have the antidote to a relentless fashion system?

By guest contributor July 2011 14,23

Monsieur Alaïa — fashion today, what is it like?

I can only speak for myself, but for a long time now the system of fashion has had nothing to do with our time — it doesn’t suit our time at all. The world is changing rapidly. We see the proof of change every day in the news. Young people want change in this industry, too, yet we continue, just like in the 19th century, to do défilés. There is no need – no interest, really. We could do fewer collections and obtain the same results. We don’t lose any money if we do less.

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  • PROJECT#1 – PROCEED (January 2013) – Research on Patchwork
  • PROJECT#2 – REDEEM (January 2014) – Research on Sakiori weaving
  • PROJECT#3– WADADA (January 2015) – Research on Rope Weaving
  • PROJECT#4 – EACH ONE TEACH ONE (January 2016) – Research on Boro applications
  • PROJECT#5 – ARISE (January 2017) – Pattern research Inspired by the Kesa garment

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Fashion only moves forward

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