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Approaching the Christmas holidays, we tend to reflect on the year’s highs and lows. The most special moments for me were those related to a lecture, a talk, a show, an encounter, a lunch or a trip abroad. The emotions I felt then are responsible for a change in my vision which has pushed me into new experiences and new projects.

The lecture I gave in mid 2017 before a group of chief executives, managers at Valentino Milano headquarters, was a challenging one. The subject of “Time versus Timelessness” had haunted me for a few months as fashion consumerism changed dramatically in 2017. Designers, architects, artists or performers inspired me in my understanding of the multidisciplinary aspect of the concept of “time”. Einstein brought me to the point of challenging an audience to reflect on “Intuition versus Instinct”.



Drawing the Nude

Drawing the nude is like drawing a letter or a symbol. You look at lines, shadows, and proportions; you see volumes, absences, gaps or depths. You forget the body and slowly, slowly you are in a very special state of mind. The lines are soft in the beginning but the more you gaze the more you draw highlights; your fingers touch the paper, you have to feel the charcoal, you need to get your hands dirty and work into the subject.


Fashion only moves forward

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