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We work with a lot of companies as creative partners: with Dior, Cartier, Issey Miyake, Nike, Vuitton. Our projects originate in identity, and then expand into architecture, interiors, facades, even master planning. Our approach is about technology and creative ways to use it. So I can tell a little bit more what kind of tricks we’re using. But, right now, there are three ongoing projects we develop in parallel and try to use with all of our clients. One is Visual Analysis that allows us to look closely at images, at existing images of the company. And since we work so much with large brands that have amazing history, it’s really a lot of materials that we can look at. We build custom databases to look at these. The next one is work with design elements and patterns, and the most recent one is transforming into time, being able to look at the development of shapes and patterns in time. 


Sam, It might be a good thing to talk about that, to understand where you would like to go with technology. 


Well, I suppose from a background point of view I approach projects and work in a similar way to Anne, but that’s kind of process usually lends its way towards the actual production product and also the sort of creation of the sort of philosophy behind why that product needs to exist. So, from that point of view, I go quite deep into history of philosophy, mystery of sciences, algorithms, why people make the decisions they make, how humans behave. And through this process, I have worked with a variety of brands, in tandem with the University of Central London and theInstitute of Making. And this year I’ve been sitting on these projects for a while. And I kind of just wanted to really start to explore them a little bit more and some of the projects themselves are, but the one you mentioned, An Image of Thoughts basically challenged the idea of the fallibility of language. I’ve always found, I suppose from a macro level, I’ve always found computers and algorithms, quite a beautiful thing. 


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