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the NFContainer project

The New Fashion Container project is born as a reaction and an alternative to expensive and time-consuming fashion weeks, fashion fairs and fashion exhibitions. The containers are existing pavilions, rooms, or galleries where people can reflect, sit together, to think of a better world. The NFContainer project is a team project, a unique new approach for a global (fashion) platform that will connect people, ideas, inventions and innovations, stimulating local projects that can become global thanks to the digital.

The NFContainer project will connect all creative industries working in fashion in a less formal way. The platforms are more informal and open-minded, creating a realistic dream, creating spaces where we invent the future. Fashion is a fast-growing industry, but let’s slow down to study quality-based research on values lost in greedy consumption. We are living a digital way, connecting globally.


Fashion must become a global healthy industry. Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world; therefore, we have an enormous challenge to redesign, to rethink together with the different players to reset this industry. We have a dream to create a world with improved ethical behaviour regarding poverty and natural resources, a world that is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable. Starting from using sustainable textiles, producing less but better, we can reduce the carbon emissions; we can reduce our traveling and reduce expenses of fashion events abroad; we can show fashion in all its different aspects to millions of people using digital technologies; those are only a few solutions the NFContainer project is proposing. 

This project does not talk about the past but about the NOW and the FUTURE respecting conservation, education and communication of fashion values related to creativity and commercial success. The NFContainer project is global and updated in real time; it is a manifest against old concepts of Biennales where budgets are too high and transport costs enormous. It is a new concept for failed Fashion Weeks, traumatic fairs and costly fashion exhibitions focused on extravagance making fashion superficial activity. This project wants to address the back and the front (stage) of fashion in a contemporary, performative way. 

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