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Story 13

Story 13

Here we are, at home, stuck to avoid dead or sickness, avoiding a virus that was unknown a few months ago. Today we all know that something, whatever it might be, needs to change; our behaviour, our vision, our values our purpose in life; our travelling, our greedy-ness. It seems we consume as if we are drugged for the new, we buy, we sell, we judge, searching for the latest info, we blog, we write, we create. Even our vanity will change as we will question the fact and the importance to sit on the first row of a fashion show or at least in the section friends, VIP’s. Today we are asking ourselves if all this is relevant, ethical and essential. After this frantic, almost ridiculous lifestyle, we sit at home waiting for the better news, and hoping that dead will pass by our door without knocking on it. We sit at home trying to understand what went wrong. We realize that we were unconsciously looking at every news, cruise, drop, Instagram posts, WhatsApp message, mail, blog to be updated in real time. Even if we know that watching the latest post of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian squeezing their bodies into their skin-tight latex looks during Paris Fashion week 2020 is ridiculous, we wanted to look at it, even a few seconds, immediately rejecting this almost absurd lifestyle not at all connected with ours. Today, isolated at home, we are questioning all this over the top extravagance. Is it or was it all necessary? Are we going to behave better, more civilised, more ethical, more conscious about what we need and what we want to achieve after this traumatic moment of the first half of the year 2020? Life, fashion, must go on, but something will be changed. After having received messages from all over the world, friends, artists, colleges, messages from people who became friends, with whom we realized a great project concerned about our health, our wellbeing our survival in this apocalyptic moment, we will sit down, relieved, but conscious about a needed change. But, humans are created for working, writing, creating, dreaming, making, talking, signing, playing, pro-creating, gardening, weaving, painting, drawing, believing, embracing, cooking, dressing, socialising, organising, sharing, learning, transmitting knowledge. Humans are not put on the earth to sit alone, isolated; we are made to create a community, a society, and even a fashion week.

Linda Loppa
March 28, 2020


Fashion only moves forward

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