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Antwerp, The Fashion Museum, a new beginning.

2. THE EXHIBITION CONTAINER The minimalist shape of a cube creates the friction between complexity and simplicity; the museum space can create the friction between a boring walk and an emotional heartbeat. The « momentum » creates the heartbeat; the content, the visual impact, the dream and the enlightenment of the moment are impressions to last in the human cycle of life. The suffering behind the painting, the search for power or the humiliation of the wearer has a hidden story in the museum space. Behind a sleeve, a color, a corset, a coat, a world of storytelling is hidden; what we see and what seems monstrous is that which appears for the first time and, consequently, is not yet recognized. Beauty might reveal vanity, sexiness might reveal activism, darkness could mean loneliness. Curators must put greater attention to not only intuitive expressions of aesthetics and ethics, but they have to go deeper in the relationships between the body, the society and the political and economic power of the fashion(able) industry. This industry has a long history that needs a comment on the power of dress; the EXHIBITION container has a lot of stories to tell. 


Fashion only moves forward

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