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Drawing the Nude

Drawing the nude is like drawing a letter or a symbol. You look at lines, shadows, and proportions; you see volumes, absences, gaps or depths. You forget the body and slowly, slowly you are in a very special state of mind. The lines are soft in the beginning but the more you gaze the more you draw highlights; your fingers touch the paper, you have to feel the charcoal, you need to get your hands dirty and work into the subject.

There is nothing left except silence, the world outside has gone, the silence is disturbing, and light is your companion. You get tired but are fulfilled. Your back hurts, your arms move and then you step back, take your distance and contemplate the naked body and the body on the paper. Then you get angry and disappointed, desperate for not having the lines right or because you see volumes you didn’t see before. The body moves and therefore the person is real, the contact grows, the lines soften and the anger is gone. There is a lot to add but there is even more to cancel. The shadows fill the voids and three dimensions begin to appear…the writing starts, the subtly grows, the more you look, the more you see. Nothing is like before…you relax, you dream away…


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