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Today, I am quite fascinated by TIME and would love to share some thought about this concept with you. TIME versus Timelessness’ brings us in the mood for reflecting on the fashion industry and its link with education; timelessness is what we want to achieve in fashion.

Is it not so that we want to achieve a kind of longevity, an eternal feeling, independent of time.

I am afraid the concept of time has changed; we are living now!!! today… we are not living with the past or not even imagining the future;

This statement brings us to a mood of fear and uncertainty; …

Therefore, my first question is…. are we still able to predict the future as time is fading away, and my secondly question is …? are we motivated to study the opportunities we had in the past? maybe we feel it’s a waste of time…. In other words, are we still going to libraries?

I am not certain that today the past can be an inspiration for predicting the future; if this statement is correct, this means we must be much more creative and that’s the good news!

What was news yesterday and led to a new format for the fashion industry is not relevant today; what I can buy today is maybe not relevant tomorrow? This means we must be stronger in our visions. Our aesthetics must be more defined! Our personality more developed and our identities stronger; we must be recognised and therefore more recognisable. What we once said or what we once did has to be relevant tomorrow even in a fast-changing society.

Difficult? Yes, and not…being recognisable is what all the creative industries require; art, design, graphic design, photography, sound design, fashion…it’s the gift of creative people to our society! they can contribute to making a better world and I feel this is an urgent thing to do as we listen constantly to the news…

The fact is that to be recognised as a creative person, we must improve our vision and strategy and for sure express ourselves better. The best schools, the best movements, new trends and innovations are born in creative communities based on the voice of their creative districts; this is true for cities such as London, Antwerp, Florence. I am not even speaking of today but of the 60ties in London, the art scene in the 80ties in Antwerp or the Renaissance movement in Florence;

Another interesting topic reflecting on Time is linked to the Digital!!! Related to fashion today creativity can be found on-line and off-line;

It seems a great plus because we live in two worlds!! We express more but do we express better our ideas? This is the big question we must ask ourselves today; I feel your conference could try to answer the question…

Therefore, if you ask me today what is the best educational system, I will answer that it is the one you are going to invent. All the systems are old in this philosophy of mine; it seems we need to construct and invent a new methodology; it’s not a matter of public or private it’s a matter of being strong in statements and have a strong identity; The digital is of a great help for education because our language attracts students from all over the world! I am talking of Polimoda, of course.

Time is also linked to immediacy!!!

Reflecting of having at home whatever we have in mind; everything, including fashion makes our lives more complicated; why? Are we afraid of the world outside our safe studio or atelier? Or are we afraid of the fastness our actions require? Fastness can be positive; slowness negative because we end up losing control; so, I suggest being fast!

Fast in actions in spirit, fast in using our brain and the new technology available at hand, fast in reacting against the system. Modernity and the Contemporary are such interesting concepts…. they decide our everyday actions.

Our credit card is sustaining our magical fastness; consuming, traveling is so easy thanks to our credit card, our cell phone. Our fast decisions let us travel from one point to another forgetting time! We don’t even have to cross the bridge, maybe the bridge will collapse or be destroyed or displaced…this metaphor is significant for our actions.

But it is time for a Conclusion….

We are searching together for a movement that will become timeless, is it? This movement will start with creativity! Embrace creativity would therefore be my slogan for the industry and the government to support local fashion coming from unknown cities, people, countries!!!


Fashion only moves forward

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